I miss you.

i miss your laugh

i miss your gummy smile

i miss you watching baseball


i miss the way you used to take pictures with me

i miss the way you used to cook for the holiday

i miss the way you used to have big get togethers at the house

i miss just living across the street from you

i miss spending the night with my cousins and sisters


I just wish u were still here

i cant argue your in a better place





School can be very stressful at times for a teen like me. School can be tiring. In order to achieve you have to go through school.So its not a reason for me to be complaining. High school is like a mini college and the teachers are trying to prepare  us for college. People spend alot of time complaining for something they are gonna have to do in the real world. Idk i just dont get it who complains about their education?! not me but thats just me.BYEE

the problems that we face today…

Placeholder ImageA couple of days ago i was told some news that was really disturbing. I’ve heard that when January 1st comes we will be able to carry guns without a license. How i feel about it is that there’s already enough violence going on, so why make it worse and give people permission to shoot people down?! Isn’t it bad enough that the police is already doing it? I’ve been waiting awhile for someone to step up but i see know one is going to do it. My name is halema and i’m gonna be the voice for the ones who don’t wanna say anything. I mean really you think legalizing guns will fix anything? NO! it wont its just gonna make everything sooooo much worse then what is already is. In all honesty i think its stupid. Theres not to much i can do about it all i can do is speak up and hope i get heard.